Base Charger

What is a Base?

A Base is an NFT item. A base can be attached to a spaceship to speed up ammo(bullet) reloading.
If a spaceship is a smartphone then Base is the charger. If you have a strong spaceship with a lot of Ammo(bullet), you can charge your Spaceship faster with a more expensive Base.
When your Spaceship is our of bullets, your spaceship will be sent out of the battle to . you can manually add the spaceship to Base to refill Ammo (Bullet) faster.

A base has three stats:

1. Loading speed:

Attaching a base to a spaceship makes the reloading speed of a spaceship much faster.

2. Purchase value:

The faster the reloading speed is, the more expensive the base is. Bases can be purchased with $SPE.

3. Base level:

Each base has a level among Small (Alpha 1,2,3), Medium (Beta 1,2,3), and Large (Gamma 1,2,3). The higher level of a base is, the faster the ammo recovery speed it offers.
Since a base is an NFT, you can buy/sell and send/receive it using your crypto wallet.
As long as you have a base of the previous level, you can unlock and buy higher-level base.
You can buy one or more bases at the same level to fasten your spaceship's reloading speed.
Good to know: The loading speed is one of the most critical elements in games. So, a player needs to use a base as soon as possible in a battle to maximize the strength of your spaceship, especially if it is a high-rarity spaceship.