Play To Earn

Prepare for a battle

You can use $SPG to purchase spaceships. The more spaceships you have the more powerful your Space Squad are, the sooner you can finish the battle.
After purchasing spaceships, you can send them to the battle and fight the boss by clicking the "Fight" button on each spaceship unit.
Up to fifteen spaceships can form a squad and join the battle. When a spaceship runs out of ammo(bullet), it will automatically be removed from the battle. In that case, you can add another spaceship to your squad as long as it has at least 50% ammo(bullet) capability.
When not in a battle, the spaceship is automatically reloaded; the standard reloading speed is 0,3 ammo(bullet)/second. You can use $SP to buy a more expensive base and attaches it to your spaceship to fasten the reloading time. One base can reload one spaceship at a time.

Engage in a battle

After clicking "Fight" for each spaceship, you need to go to the battle screen for the actual battle.
Bosses will come in different waves; each following wave is stronger than the previous one. There are unlimited numbers of waves in Space Crypto. in the beginning, you will join Wave One.
After you defeat Wave-One boss, you will earn $SPE and go to the next wave that has a stronger boss with a higher $SPE rewards.
If you can't take down the boss after the showtime ends, you will have to restart from wave one.
If you exit the battle screen during the battle, the boss's hit point is frozen but the showtime still countdown as if you are actively engaging in that battle.

Play to Earn

  • PvE Battle: Each boss you defeat is assigned a different amount of $SPE reward. After you defeat the boss, you will enter a lucky spin game that will decide the actual amount of $SPE you will earn. There are 4 possibilities that can happen in the slot game:
  • Lucky Spin
  1. 1.
    $SPE reward x100 - 0.1%: Your reward will multiply by 100 times. The probability for this to happen is 0.1%
  2. 2.
    $SPE reward x2 - 2.5% Your reward will multiply by 2 times. The probability for this to happen is 2.5%
  3. 3.
    $SPE reward x0.5 - 2.5% Your reward will divided to 2. The probability for this to happen is 2.5%
  4. 4.
    $SPE reward x1 - 94.9%: Your reward stay the same. The probability for this to happen is 94.9%
  • Raid mode (coming soon): When playing in Raid mode, you do not need to purchase any spaceship and you can play it anywhere anytime. This mode is designed for busy people who want to relax by playing video games while making some extra money in the meantime.
  • Tournament mode (coming soon): You can claim more tokens by playing Tournament mode. Join the tournament to prove that you are the best Space Guardian in the Space Metaverse.
  • PvP mode (coming soon): You can compete against your friends and other players in PvP mode