A spaceship is the main unit in the game, and it is in the form of an NFT, , transferrable, scarce digital asset.
Players need to have spaceships to fight enemies. To engage in a battle, you need to assemble a squad of spaceships that has at least 1 spaceship and at most 15 spaceships.

Each spaceship has the following stats:

1. Ammo: The amount of ammo that each spaceship carries

The higher level of rarity, the more ammo a spaceship can carry. This is the total amount of bullet that a spaceship can carry.
When a spaceship runs out of ammo in the middle of a fight, it will be automatically send to BASE to reload ammo.
The standard reloading speed for a spaceship is three ammo per ten seconds. You can equip your spaceship with a more expensive base unit to speed up the reloading speed.
A spaceship can continue the battle only when more than 50% of its ammo is refilled. You have to manually add such spaceships back to the battle.
As long as a spaceship is not used in a battle, it will automatically reload ammo.

2. Firing Speed: Firing Speed of each spaceship is measured by firing times per second

This is how fast the spaceship will shoot.
The higher the level of rarity of a spaceship, the faster the firing rate.

3. Damage: Damage point is the measure of how much HP a spaceship causes its enemy to lose per bullet

Each SpaceShip has a different damage.
Total damage that a spaceship can inflict on its enemy = The number of ammo it carries x The damage rate of each ammo.

4. Example

A common Spaceship has
  • Ammo = 900 bullets
  • Fire Rate = 3 bullets per second
  • Damage = 25
This Spaceship will be able to shoot 900 bullets in 900/3 = 300 seconds.
After 300 seconds (5 minutes), this Spaceship will be sent to the BASE to reload Ammo(also know as bullet)
The total damage this spaceship can do to the Boss is 900*25 = 22500 damage.

5. Spaceship Maintenance

After (200 x Spaceship Bullet Capacity) have shot. you will need to spend SPE to maintenance your spaceship.
For example: if your spaceship can hold 1000 bullet then then after shooting 200000 bullet, you will have to maintenance your spaceship before using it again.
Good to know: A spaceship can be equipped with a base unit to fasten the recovery speed.